Can you help me?

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Can you help me?

Postby AnniceBlowgurli » Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:11 am

Hi, everyone,
I heared that it is very good idea to use Twitter to promoter your site. Actually I decided to try. However, I don't know where can I find good Twitter promotion software. I fount some some links on Internet that claim that they have Twitter marketing tools, however, I heard that there are a lot of fraud in Internet related to "grey seo". Can you prompt me if I can trust following sites:
Twitter friend adder
Do you need auto tweet adder to promoter yourself on Twitter? VASoftOnline Twitter promoter will help you! It is all-in-one Twitter software. It includes tweets adder, Twitter auto follow and other Twitter marketing tools.
software for Twitter
Do you need to post direct messages to your Twitter followers? Don't do it manually! VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter will do it you for you. It is the best between Twitter marketing tools. It gives you all-in-one Twitter automation solution.
Twitter friend adder
Download VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter from It is well-trusted site where you can find professional and reliable software only. VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter will supply you with full featured Twitter automation solution, including Twitter friends adder (Twitte auto follow plugin), statuses poster, direct messages poster and Tweets adder.
Twitter auto follow
Download VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter - an ultimate Twitter Friend Adder, and also Twitter status updater, Twitter auto follow tool, Twitter auto unfollow tool, Twitter direct messages poster and Twitter accounts grabber.
Twitter automation
VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter is very powerful Tweet adder. You can upload list of your Twitter statuses, and VASoftOnline Twitter Promoter will post these statuses in random order and keep them on Twitter top, so all your followers will see your ads on top when they will log in.
Any help will be appreciated!

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