Overview of new features in 1C:Enterprise 8.1.6

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Overview of new features in 1C:Enterprise 8.1.6

Postby Elisy » Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:01 am

Version 8.1.6 includes found bug fixes and some functionality improvements.
New Features of Version 8.1.6
  • The ObjectAutonumerationMode configuration property has been implemented.
    The AutoFree value of this property is set for the configurations, which were created
    earlier, and is used to provide the numeration mode similar to the 8.0 version.
    Numbers and codes that were got automatically will be used later in case the object,
    for which they were got, wasn't recorded. This variant is intended to use in configurations
    developed in v8.0 and used in v8.1 without modification.
    The NotAutoFree value of this property is used for new numeration mode support,
    which has been implemented in v8.1. This variant is intended to use in configurations,
    where the numeration during recording will be implemented for the objects, which
    need continuous autonumbering, instead of numeration during form opening.
  • The possibility to reuse numbers, which were received but weren't used in the transaction,
    has been implemented in the autonumeration mechanism.
  • The Autonumeration property has been implemented object forms extension in order
    to support the acquisition of number during recording. It allows to toggle off automatic
    number acquisition when form opens. The Autonumeration property has been implemented
    in extensions of: catalog element form, catalog list table box, document form, characteristic
    type form, list of characteristic types table box, business-process form, task form
    and list of tasks table box.
  • The work with 'numerical' prefixes has been implemented.
  • The question 'Configuration versions in Designer and debug item differ! Attach for
    debugging?' is displayed when attaching the debugging item using Debugging Items
    dialog in case of configuration version in Designer and Debugging item differ.
    Available debugging items, which versions differ from version in Designer mode are
    displayed in Debugging Items window with less bright font
  • The possibility of creating screenshots when 1C:Enterprise 8.1 client part is abnormally
    terminated. The png format is used to record screenshots.
  • The exception context output to the technological log has been implemented. This
    allows to review errors in system operation in more detail.
  • 64-bit 1C:Enterprise 8.1 server has been implemented in the final version. It is
    intended for use on Windows and Linux operational systems for x86-64 (EM64T, AMD64).
    The main advantage of 64-bit 1C:Enterprise 8.1 server is the availability of almost
    unlimited address space being allocated for working processes. It allows to use
    modern servers' abilities in full.
  • Now you can work with IBM DB2. IBM DB2 DBMS work components are included in this
    version for beta-testing purposes.

Migration from Version 8.1.5 to 8.1.6

The configuration, infobase and external data processors conversion is not needed
when transiting from 8.1.5 to 8.1.6.

Working with PostgreSQL DBMS

  • It is recommended to use present framework version with version 8.1.5-11.1C PostgreSQL,
    which is included in 1C:Enterprise system distribution kit. The interaction with
    previous version of PostgreSQL - 8.1.5-10.1C is also supported.
  • The following error may be registered in PostgreSQL logs and 1C:Enterprise technological
    log when using framework of present version with PostgreSQL of versions 8.1.5-10
    and lower when connecting to the infobase:

DBMS Error:
ERROR: syntax error at or near ""application"" at character 24

Appearance of this error doesn't affect the system efficiency and is the interaction
between new version framework and old version of PostgreSQL feature.

Modifications that Require Configuration Changes or Influence System Behavior:
  • The SetNewNumber() method of document, business-process and task objects has changed
    behavior. The SetNewCode() method of catalog and chart of characteristic types objects
    has changed behavior. If these methods are called in called in a transaction and
    the transaction is rolled back, it returns to the number/code value, corresponding
    to the transaction start. The object hadn't such a return happened before.
  • In case of period addition the BalanceAndTurnovers virtual tables of accumulation
    register and accounting register return the Undefined values into the Recorder field
    and 0 value into the LineNumber. The NULL value has been returned earlier.

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